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We will get right to the point, because this is simple. Every Friday afternoon hundreds of tons food and containers are thrown out by small, medium and large businesses all across the fruited plain. We have all seen the little sign/flyer on the company fridge, clean it out or it gets thrown out. We can NOT recycle this food, but we CAN create an awareness of how much tougher it is to get food and water on the weekends in this country because most of the facilities providing food during the week are not open on the weekends...too much overtime. Who is going to pay it? Get your company and others to bring in 1 or 2 non-perishable items of food every Friday for Thank God It's Fridge Fridays. The churches and private food kitchens will welcome the needed extra food, for they are the only ones providing the basics of life on the weekend in most communities. There. Now, do you think you can start your own TGIFF in your neighborhood? 

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