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Volunteer: Create your own TGIFF

We really like to keep it simple.

-get local businesses to put our flyer of TGIFF on their company fridge.

-raise awareness of the tons of food thrown away every Friday.

-raise awareness of how much harder it is for the hungry and homeless to find food and water on the weekends.

-be there every Friday afternoon to pick up the non-perishable food items employees will be glad to donate for such a worthy cause.

Fundraise: TGIFF can use $$$

We are very transparent in that every dime that gets donated to TGIFF is used for awareness through social media ads which are expensive, but we won't stop until there's a TGIFF in every community in this great country of ours. We need to start healing one another and stop fighting. That's what "they" want us to do. lol - 


Stop in to any business and ask if they have an employee fridge. They will, and then just ask them to put our flyer next to their flyer and raise awareness to clean out the fridge because people struggle more on the weekends to eat.


Use your OWN social media to spread the word that TGIFF is coming to a town near you! Send them to this web site.

Call around and find out who still provides hot meals and other food on the weekends. Ask them if they could use more food.

Tell them about TGIFF.

They will love it!

I am always looking for new ideas and strategies to get TGIFF established, youtube videos going viral is what we are looking for now.

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