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Fighting the friday afternoon traffic is never any fun, but what awaits the homeless and hungry every weekend is an even tougher struggle to find food.

Caylan Hascal


Caylan Haskal

Caylan is a very busy single mother of two; quite active with her church and has blessed TGIFF with coming on-board to make things Grow! You can reach here by email here.


Goodwill Ambassador:

G. E. "CosmicGuy" Partin

G. E. Partin, or CosmicGuy as he likes to be known; is the originator of the concept of TGIFF based on his own real-life experiences living the "good life" for most of his life, then finding himself homeless and hungry on many occasions after 55, and he tells the story of how he remembered all those tech jobs he had and the refrigerators in the employee lunch rooms with that same sign, "Please Remember To Take Your Food & Containers Home Every Friday Or They Will Be Thrown Out"-and he said, I'm gonna research how much food is thrown out each week. That figure btw?- is 150-200 tons of food and containers thrown out each Friday from small, medium and large businesses nationwide; but what astounded him was that almost 80 percent of the places feeding the hungry and homeless during the week were closed on the weekends. He learned this himself the hard way. We can't recycle the food thrown out every Friday by AllBiz, America but we can raise awareness of the colossal waste, AND with our little poster on "those" fridges right next to their little poster, get people to please bring in non-perishable food items every Friday in conjunction with when they clean out that employee fridge. TGIFF picks up the food every Friday afternoon as most businesses close; and speeds it to those few churches and private food centers still open on the weekend that are ALWAYS overcrowded. This works. We proved it in our tests of our business plan. Now we just need that "first" angel investor. "We could have a TGIFF in every major city in America in just 2 years; that could be producing a surplus of 150 to 200 tons of extra food a year who's sole purpose is to be distributed on the weekends, which are being completely ignored by well, everyone."...He encouraged you to email him here for serious inquiries. 


Vice-President in charge of Funding: You?

This is a brand new charity with ALL the paperwork in place, our EIN number ready to utilize. We here at TGIFF believe the classic old Clint Eastwood line, "A man (or woman( gotta know their limitations." The perspective is simple. We know what we do well, and what we need further expertise for. Proper Funding is Key. You must have a solid track record of achieving financial goals, maintaining corporate account sponsorship's and processing the proper paperwork needed to keep everything focused and legal.

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